Nixon called Fred Thompson “Dumb as Hell”.

Great quote IMO


Fred Thompson lies again.

I’m sure he’s lied before, c’mon everyone has.

Another take on the Ron Paul is a racist newsletter.

The Georgia Green Party speaks on RP and racism:

Rudy Giuliani makes more ignorant comments.


“…you would never have an army retreat on a six- month, one-year, 18-month schedule explaining, We’ll reduce the forces by 20,000, then by 30,000, then by 50,000. “

One of Rudy’s Idol’s, Richard Nixon, said:

“Over a period of 12 months, by agreed-upon stages, the major positions of all U.S., allied, and other non-South Vietnamese forces would be withdrawn.”

Personally, I think americans still have values, and someone thrice married like Rudy Giuliani will never get elected.  These types of comments really illustrate the fact the man has a very poor grasp of what the american public deserve in an elected representative, much less the president.

Frontronner McCain extremely low on cash!

Third Tier Candidate surpasses John McCain’s cash on hand.

ABC (spam)

Youtube (no spam)

Fred Thompson Lobbies for Abortion Rights.

Yup, but really, almost all of the presidential candidates are “Flip Floppers”.

Theif’s Strike at Barak Obama’s Campaign Headquarters.

Hmmmm, some random burglar targets one of the Democratic front-runners totally coincidentally?  Righto.

 Ooops, link.


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